The simplest conversion improvement platform on the block

Quicksand takes analytics and A/B testing to another level, learning your audience and suggesting data-based website improvements over time.

What does it do?

Some users come from Twitter, Some from Google, Some are on mobile, some are on desktop. Quicksand learns what converts each of these users, and serves that content.

Content Testing

Quickly get up and running by creating test buckets with the Quicksand visual editor and GPT-3

Automatic Optimization

Watch Quicksand learn about your traffic and modify your test buckets to optimize your primary metric

Know your Audience

Instead of guessing about what features to build, inform your decisions by looking at what your users are actually signing up for

How does it do it?

AI-Assisted Copy

Use the Quicksand browser extension to quickly generate alternatives to the copy on your website with our visual editor

Tag & Track

Easily track when users click buttons so that Quicksand can report how much your site has improved

Users coming from


Sign-ups -4%

Total Events 23

Users coming from


Sign-ups +14.3%

Total events 56


See where to increase off-site efforts for maximum conversions by looking at the weekly reports with sign up rates for each channel

Bucket Allocation graph

Automatic Optimization

See your best performing buckets serve more traffic as Quicksand learns what converts more users.





1 experiment

20 AI generations/month

5k unique website visits

Up to 10 test buckets




Unlimited experiments

250 AI generations/month

40k unique website visits

Up to 30 test buckets

Audience segment optimization




Unlimited experiments

1,500 AI generations

150k unique website visits

Up to 200 test buckets

Realtime ML for segment optimization

Getting more than 150k unique visits/month?
AB Testing your traffic is an absolute no-brainer, but using a limited plan at scale just doesn't make sense.

Not to worry, Quicksand is built to scale. We have a set of custom plans and additional features that are sure to fit any business.

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Sign up for the beta and get unlimited experiments free for helping us test the service. Not ready to start testing yet? Talk to an expert to find out how Quicksand can help you and your business.